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Ekko {noun; Danish} ·/Ek-oh/·

The repetition of a sound, feeling, idea or event.

the EKKO ethos

At EKKO, we believe things should have more than one use. Or more than two. Or try two-hundred.

Reusable for up to two-hundred times, EKKO’s 100% organic cotton pads make living sustainably an affordable luxury.

about us

We don’t claim to be eco-warriors, activists or heroes. We also aren’t here to change things overnight. But we do recognise that small actions when multiplied by millions, can make big impact.

EKKO's journey began when we realised the market had created many sustainable food & travel swaps, but little in the way of beauty & skincare.

We became increasingly aware of our own day-to-day bathroom waste, in particular our cotton pad landfill. Though small & inoffensive, we knew that behind this repetitive "little" landfill in our bathrooms, there was a multitude of harmful environmental consequences.

Was this necessary?

When we realised we could create a simple swap that was not only kinder to the planet, but also kinder to our skin (& more economical!), we wondered, why wasn't this already the new normal?

So we decided to do something about it.

Introducing EKKO skin.